Our Services

Screen Printing:

Spot Color Printing: This is the most common form of screen printing tee shirts. This method uses the stock color of the ink without alterations by printing it through the stencil in wide open areas of the screen mesh. This will produce a very vibrant solid “spot” of color. It also tends to produce thicker layers of ink depending on the ink and the mesh count used. Printing in spot colors will be helpful in achieving opacity on darker garments. This is the least expensive to create artwork for and can also be very cost effective to print on 1 to 4 colors. When you begin to plan a design with 5 to 8 or more spot colors, a different printing method like simulated process may reduce the amount of film work and screen making needed to set up the job. Spot color artwork is great for most graphic logos that do not require gradients or excessive colors.

Half-Tone Printing: This process involves printing a single or multiple colors in gradients. Here we can take a single color of ink and make it appear as two shades or more of the same color. These tones can range all the way from a solid spot to a very fine halftone of the same color. Sometimes referred to as a “spot and dot” this method is great when you want to achieve the look of multi color printing without the expense of actually doing it. For instance, if we print red on a white shirt and include a 50% gradient of the red, the 50% gradient will “mix” with the white of the tee shirt giving the appearance of a pink color. Therefore giving us a print with red and pink but only using one screen and one color of ink. If your graphic artist knows what they are doing, you can use this technique to improve the look and quality of your graphics. It’s a great effect that will reduce the number of spot colors and screens. Printing in halftones will also produce a softer feeling print when printed directly onto the garment.

4-Color Process Or CMYK Printing: This is probably the most complex of the printing processes and is recommended for automatic presses only. Here we take a full color photograph or image and break it down into its four constituent colors; cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The printing process uses these four colors combined to recreate the full tonal and color range of the original image. Each color printer is a halftone of the opposite color in the original image. This system is based on what light is being absorbed.


The Logo Store has two embroidery machines to meet your needs. All of our embroidery designs are done by award winning digitizers. Every business design is stitched out for your approval before we stitch on to any garment.

Another service, that The Logo Store provides to our clients, is we do allow some items to be brought in to be monogrammed.

Vinyl Cutting:

The Logo Store does provide single color vinyl cutting. This does include window stickers for cars or shop windows. We also provide vinyl heat press. Whether it would be a design, lettering or numbering. With a variety of colors to choose from in stock.

Dye Sublimation:

Dye sublimation is a digital printing technology that uses heat transfer to apply an image to the intended substrate. Also referred to as digital sublimation, the process is commonly used for decorating apparel as well as other items with sublimation-friendly surfaces.

Turn Around:

Our normal turn around time on screen printing is 1-1/2 to 2 weeks from the approval of the design. Please call if a quicker time is needed. Expediting charges may apply, but when others can’t; usually we can.